Institute for engineering research and publication(IFERP) is India's largest Non-profitable professional association registered under India Trust Act(1882) meant for research development and promotion in the field of engineering and technology. IFERP is a paramount body which has brought technical revolution and sustainable development of science and technology. The IFERP-forum constitutes of professional wizards and overseas technical leaders who have left no stones unturned to reinforce the field of science, engineering and technology. The Institute conduct technical conferences, seminars and workshop at different parts of country to reduce the gap between curriculum and their practical implementation among students and research scholars. Today IFERP is one of the leading publisher of research papers in its high quality peer reviewed journals, proceeding and research magazine. The Institute provides a brilliant scope of research and development to geniuses and wizards working in the field of engineering by providing financial aids by which economic constraints won't retaliate the technical growth and research development.Read full

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Updated - 08th Dec 2019

IFERP-Conference Calendar is a Collected lists designated as monthly Calendar helps visitor of our websites to get upcoming International Conferences information proposed at various places at the world.

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Digital object identifiers is a unique number allocated to each research paper published by IFERP. These numbers will represent the details of the paper like paper title, author's name. . .

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Research funding

Being a Non-profitable professional association IFERP encourages students with financial constraints to complete their dream innovation by funding their research work through...

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IFERP Blog updates

Nanoparticle Diodes and Devices That Work When Wet.

Whether they`re for sensors in artificial skin that demands flexibility or for wearable electronics where the circuits must withstand our sweat, silicon-based chips aren`t always up to the task. Now, an international research team has developed a way to fabricate flexible, water-loving logic circuits and sensors without the need of semiconductors. Instead, what the researchers have done is coat gold nanoparticles with charged organic molecules to create a system that they`ve dubbed a "chemoelectronic circuit".

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ARPA-E Funding Personal Climate Control Systems with Robots, Foot Coolers, and More

ARPA-E is the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, a DARPA-type government agency that funds energy-related high-risk, high-reward projects. Like most government agencies, they tend to bury their projects in strained, dull-sounding acronyms like DELTA, which stands for Delivering Efficient Local Thermal Amenities. But ARPA-E's DELTA project is, fortunately, much more interesting than it sounds: DELTA is funding a bunch of different ways in which climate control can be moved from building-level to personal level.

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Why this week`s man-versus-machine Go match doesn`t matter (and what does)

It's over. Google`s AlphaGo computer program has beaten the human world champion, Lee Sedol, four games to one in the ancient game of Go. But will any of this matter in the long run? In this story, published last week, Science investigates what this match means for the future of artificial intelligence and even how we play our favorite games. A last hurrah for humanity? Or the final triumph of our silicon overlords?

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